Polyamory Done Right!


Polyamory Done Right!

An Immersive Training for Counselors & Coaches

Polyamory is in the news, and that means that you are likely to be seeing more and more clients who are thinking about opening up their relationship or who are already engaged in a polyamorous lifestyle. Are you ready?

In this powerful, immersive workshop, you will explore what healthy polyamorous relationships are like “from the inside.” You will be learning healthy relationship tools along with current polyamorous triads and quads, by role-playing as though you were in a polyamorous relationship yourself.

Partner up with one, two, three or more other counselors who want to truly understand polyamory, and together you will form a poly “tribe” and participate in the workshop as though you were actually poly yourselves.

Of course, this is just role-playing and you don’t need to be poly or even have any knowledge of polyamory prior to joining the workshop. The instructors and other participants who are currently poly will help explain things as you role-play various situations with your role-play “tribe.”

This 2-weekend advanced immersive experiential training is based on the Polyamory Communication Survival Kit by Robert McGarey, M.A.. Bring a few fellow counselors and finally get the practice you need to help your clients successfully navigate the sometimes-choppy waters of polyamorous relationships.

Presented by Robert McGarey (who is a frequent presenter at national poly conferences, co-President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology and founder of Austin's nonprofit Human Potential Center), and Patricia Black, M.A., LMFT-I. $100 for the first person in your role-play group and $25 for each additional colleague. (Two person minimum.) CEU’s are available for an additional $10 charge per person.

April 20, 2019, 10 am - 5:30 pm

April 27, 2019, 1 - 5 pm

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(10 hours of Continuing Education Units)